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Convert your documents, letters, contracts into different text files   Save workbooks/spreadsheets into readable files for copy or publishing   Export your databases/tables in other formats for backup or transfer   Save your pictures in other formats for publish or transfer

  • MS Word documents
  • MS Writer texts
  • Corel Word Perfect
  • Rich Text files
multi-file processing
file wildcards/masks
command-line arguments
no any external libraries
Very fast conversion to plain text, html or rtf
  • MS Excel files
  • Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheets
  • Quattro Pro workbooks
all files in directory at once
recursive sub-folders
no any external libraries
Very fast convert (plain text, CSV, html, xml)
  • Paradox tables
  • dBase, Foxpro, Clipper
  • Clarion data files
  • MS Access database
  • any ADO datasource
detailed log
no ADO, no MS Jet, no BDE, no ODBC etc
Powerful export to text, CSV, html, xml, SQL and more
  • bitmaps, icons
  • metafiles
  • jpeg and gif-picturs
  • tiff-faxes
  • portable graphic
  • Photoshop & postscript
picture resizing
change image quality
Quick save to bitmap, jpeg, gif, png, metafile and more
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September 04, 2014
All converters updated to v2.6
  • modern wizard style
  • encreased speed and reduced the CPU and memory resources
  • new file formats supported
  • new command line arguments
  • useful save and restore the layout/settings
November 23, 2013
Database Converter v2.3 released
  • wizard style for easy process
  • full control via command line arguments
  • fast export and low resources (memory/CPU)
  • new formats for source and destination files
August 26, 2008
Image Converter v1.2 released
  • possibility to save into png-files
  • possibility to save into gif-files
  • color reduction for gif
  • autostretch for resize
  • stretch in percents (%)
August 20, 2008
Document Converter v1.2 released
  • reader for Open Office (text, presentation, spreadsheet)
  • reader for Fictionbook (e-books)
April 23, 2008
DB Converter v1.18

Encrypted tables

  • encrypted Paradox tables can be converted
  • encrypted Clarion tables can be converted
March 13, 2008
MS Office 12 support
  • Documents from MS Office 12 (MS Word 2007 and MS Excel 2007) can be converted

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